You’ve been
Dear _________________

You’ve been Ungifted this Christmas.

___________ thinks you’re worth much more than a hastily bought and poorly thought-out gift like __________________________. Instead, ___________ is Ungifting you __________________________.

Take ___________ up on the offer and spare yourself and the planet another wasteful gift.

Why not Ungift ___________ and other people you care about at
Ungift someone else

Ungifted is the gifting service that helps you give a friend an experience to remember, not a forgettable piece of tat.

Whether it’s a gig you’d hate but they’d love, a (hopefully) delicious home-cooked meal, a lesson in how to play chess or anything else you can think of, spare them and the planet another wasteful gift and Ungift them some friendship instead.

Brought to you by Do The Green Thing

Like a winter bike ride
Or a home-cooked meal
Or a night on the tiles

Need ideas? See our Ungift list for festive inspiration. Or start Ungifting your friends below.


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Need inspiration? See our Ungift List

Trying to think of the perfect experience to Ungift a friend with? Use this Ungift List for inspiration.

  • A Netflix binge at yours
  • A bone-chilling winter swim together
  • A trip to the park that you used to play in when you were kids
  • A Mongolian throat singing class
  • A session of the hip-hop dance class they’re too scared to go to on their own
  • A (hopefully) delicious home cooked meal
  • A fort-making expedition
  • An afternoon dedicated to finding the best coffee in your area
  • A two-person bike ride on a one-person bike
  • An evening of trying contouring on each other for the first time
  • A night of ice-skating and ice cream eating
  • An hour-long Skype
  • An evening making mock music videos
  • A gig you’d hate but they’d love
  • A game of one-a-side football
  • A late-night screening of the horror film they’re terrified to watch on their own
  • A good ol’ fashioned game of truth or dare
  • A drunken match of backgammon, Hungry Hippos, or any other game you can think of
  • An evening podcast critiquing and wine drinking
  • A trip to the restaurant they’ve been dying to go to
  • A visit to their favourite gallery
  • An early morning run before a late morning brunch
  • A trip to the blood bank and a promise to hold their hand
  • An indoor picnic on a cold day
  • An endlessly Instagrammable night out
  • An evening of ‘jamming’ on the guitar
  • An evening curating a Spotify playlist of all your favourite shared songs
  • A homemade and very DIY scavenger hunt